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My story starts like much like many new mom’s would—I was tired! Really tired. And I desperately needed sleep. As a child, I didn’t sleep through the night until I was four years old. And even after that, I struggled with sleep. I knew I needed to address my daughter’s sleep issues for her sake and for mine. First, my cousin sent me Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Then I learned about Dr. Richard Ferber’s Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems. I delved into these books. But reading an entire book was not something I felt I could accomplish being so sleep deprived. I felt confused, defeated, scared, and exhausted.

Desperate for help, I reached out to a friend who pointed me in the direction of a sleep consultant. By this point, I knew what I needed to do, but I needed someone to give me a clear path and a supportive hand along the way. This journey for me was life changing. Both my daughter and I were sleeping better and enjoying each other’s company in between sleeps!

Through the process of it all, I caught the “sleep bug.” I’ve developed a passion for helping other families—families who feel confused, defeated, scared, and exhausted—find sleep and happiness. I started a Facebook support group that grew to include more than 1,800 members. Then, I decided to take the plunge and become a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I have helped dozens of families, and look forward to helping more.

I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach to helping your infant or toddler (and you!) get the rest he or she needs. Each individual situation has its own set of considerations. Some families prefer a gentler method, while others prefer a firmer method—I’m here to help with whichever method you prefer. I am happy to learn more about you and your family’s needs, and help you find the rest and happiness you deserve. You can expect to sleep again!

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