Bethany Leclerc, CD(DONA)

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Bethany LeClerc, Doula

Provider Bio

The birth of a child embodies the miracle of life and the abilities and strength of women, a natural and beautiful experience. As a Doula my vision is to give women and their partner the tools and support needed to experience a birth they are proud of, no matter the circumstances. Using my experience and knowledge I support women in birth so they are able to remain in control and powerful; allowing mom and partner to experience birth on their terms.

As a Doula, I support women in pregnancy, labor and postpartum to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth. I support women and their partner by providing evidenced based information, experience, and emotional and physical support. During labor and birth I use various comfort measures and techniques, including massage and rebozo, along with creating a peaceful environment and gentle reassurance of our strength.

Services Available

Birth Doula

Childbirth Educator