NAMMA Families’ mission is to increase support for women and families in the perinatal period and beyond.  The acronym NAMMA stands for Nashoba, Assabet, and MetroWest Massachusetts- the geographic area served by our providers.  With increased support for women and families in our area, we will improve their health and well-being during this joyful (and often challenging) period of life.

NAMMA Families will achieve our vision by:

  • Coordinating and encouraging ongoing networking for perinatal providers of all modalities who serve clients in our region of Massachusetts
  • Performing outreach to health providers (physical and mental) to inform them of the wide variety of perinatal professionals and services in our region
  • Performing outreach to the general public about the various perinatal services and providers in our area

Members of the NAMMA Families provider network meet quarterly to discuss local perinatal resources and issues that may affect the parents and children that we serve.  Together, our providers are committed to providing local Massachusetts families with the services they need to feel prepared and empowered for pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood.

In Sumerian mythology, the primeval goddess Namma (or Nammu) was the Goddess sea that gave birth to An (heaven) and Ki (earth).