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Provider Bio

Julie has been working with families in the childbearing year since 1992. She is a holistic lactation consultant committed to supporting breastfeeding families work through a variety of breastfeeding issues including low production, nipple pain, plugged ducts and mastitis, returning to paid employment or school, introducing solids, and weaning. She has worked with many families who are addressing tongue and lip ties. Her approach is adaptable as there is no one size fits all care plan. LGBTQ welcoming.
Julie is also a certified childbirth educator who teaches individualized, independent childbirth classes focuses on information you need for labor and contraction rituals and support techniques that work. Classes prioritize practicing comfort measures, answering questions, and providing an overview of the physiological process of labor and birth so you know what to expect. Her prenatal breastfeeding classes help you learn the information and skills you need to make learning to breastfeed easier in the early weeks.

Services Available

Childbirth educator, IBCLC (lactation consultant)