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Provider Bio

I’m a birth doula for moms, partners, and growing families. My daughter’s birth had such an impact on my life that I became interested in walking along side others as they journeyed through pregnancy and into motherhood. After my second daughter was born, I knew I had found my passion for birth work after experiencing the profound difference that having doula support made on the way I remember and feel about her birth. Our third child was born at home and my desire to provide doula care for birthers in my community grew even more; I took the path to pursue both midwifery and providing doula services.

I believe birth is the beginning of the relationship between ourselves and our children, and the way we experience birth affects us at the deepest possible level. Right down to the very core of what makes us human. Empowering my clients as they plan their goals for birth and helping clients find unique ways to cope during labor are what I love most about this work. Watching a family grow their roots is such a privilege to me. My goal is that all clients feel fully supported and confident as they plan their goals for this new journey. Together we cultivate mindfulness, preparedness, and informed decision making, knowing that labor can, and often does, take unexpected turns.

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