Krista Gordon, CYT

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virtual/online services, home visits within 30 miles from Hudson, MA (or further if not possible to meet virtually)

Provider Bio

Krista Gordon, owner of Tranquil Little One, is a certified Yoga teacher for children from 6 weeks old up to middle school age, a Reiki Practitioner & coping strategy partner for families. As a mother of two children with Anxiety and Sensory Processing issues, she understands the need for having additional tools in your parenting toolbox!  She has made it her mission to empower children and their families to learn a variety of easy coping strategies to use at any time. By teaching specific yoga poses & flows, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, brain organization skills, and body/emotion check in’s, families learn valuable strategies while having fun! Krista currently brings yoga to children in wellness studios and virtually either in group classes or one on one sessions.  Students and families regularly mention the positive impact that Krista’s work has on their lives and she is grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.


Services Available

Energy Worker, Yoga, Essential Oils