Megan Johnson, LICSW

Megan Johnson Therapeutic Practice, PLLC * (617)549-2726

home visits and office visits at 585 Massachusetts Ave, Acton, MA 01720

Provider Bio

As a parenting coach and child and family therapist, I offer expert guidance to help families regain their balance and move forward together. My top priority is preserving your parent-child relationship, and my greatest strength is my ability to see connections and patterns that are key to resolving your family’s difficulties and discord.

I create a quiet, inviting space where it’s safe to talk about the hard stuff. I’m there to lighten your load – to listen and observe, then give you valuable insights and concrete steps you can take to make positive changes for your family.No judgment. Just understanding, a fresh perspective and hope.

I love my work. I have worked with families with young children for the past ten years. I believe family is the foundation of who we are as people and as a culture, and helping improve family lives is my calling and my passion. Every time I’m allowed into a family’s private life, I’m honored, and every time a family says things are getting better because of our work together, I’m joyful.

Services Available

Social Worker, infant/parent psychotherapy, play therapy