Vanessa Lewis, CPD, PMUS Midwife

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Servicing 60-mile radius from Southbridge, MA

Provider Bio

I’m passionate about nurturing families to feel strong, capable, witnessed and supported. We don’t always have a village in place, but I always aim to begin your village with compassion and understanding. I meet birthers right where they are in their knowledge and beliefs of birth and guide them to explore and expand them. I wholeheartedly believe childbirth is a natural physiological process, but I also believe there is a balance between nature and medicine and that line may be different for each of us. I honor that. I have no preconceptions, no agendas other than to support YOUR CHOICES and help guide you to have the most rewarding, healthy birth for you and your baby.  I have studied an apprenticeship model of traditional midwifery, trained by toLabor, Madriella, and A Warm Welcome Birth as a doula, and am an Evidence Based Birth Instructor. My own birth experiences were the catalysts to becoming a birth-worker, and I sincerely hope your birth will be as beautifully transformative as mine.

Services Available

Birth Doula
Placenta Encapsulator
Postpartum Doula
Childbirth Education